Digital Product

Building the next
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Let’s be honest. The world doesn’t need more stuff. It needs things done smarter.

Products that make life a bit and a byte better, by adding useful, tangible value to real people. Signifly has been on this very mission since 2010.

Through user-centric design (buzz for asking real people what they actually need) and good old common sense, we identify opportunities for innovation and test our assumptions early on through pre- and prototyping.

Using empathy and the design thinking toolbox, problems are identified, solutions generated and concepts improved to maximize the value and impact of your product offering.

Be it a native mobile application, web app, hybrid or a physical product, Signifly always designs for functional value and an intuitive experience that users love. Execution is done in-house, all the way from conceptual prototypes to technical development and thorough testing. All to ensure that distinct touch of quality that sets the good stuff apart.

We call it Innovate by Doing. Because it’s just talk until you do it.


Create end-user value and capture it. Go from concept sketches to polished releases, moving through experiments, prototypes and iterations to find product-market fit, stickiness and growth potential.

Our Digital Product Toolbox


User insights

Through qualitative research we strive to emphatize with your audience and understand their specific thoughts, wants and needs.

Conceptual design

Giving body and soul to those early-stage ideas by designing a few key screens, steps or interactions that can be used for internal and external validation of the concept.

User journey mapping

Considering context and desired outcome, we map out the various steps that contribute to an awesome user experience.


Perfectionism is strictly prohibited, when we build clever experiments that help test various aspects of a new product idea to gain valuable insights and validations.

Concept sprint

Dedicating a focused team to work for 3-5 days on creating an early prototype of your current vision.

Technical consulting

We ensure that your grand idea is feasible and work with minimal viable solutions to ensure the best setup for the least money. So today’s technical decisions won’t become tomorrow’s road blocks.


UX and UI design

Digital experiences that balance usability and aestetics in well-researched and -tested design; to the end-user’s certain delight.

Systems architecture

Mapping out the system landscape and interfaces to be as simple as possible, while providing the appropriate level of scalability.

Web and app 

From choosing the right technology to building the product bit by bit, we deliver finished functionality early and iterate to improve quality and usefulnes.

Prototyping and MVPs

What is the minimal level of product needed to validate your idea? We focus on delivering a slim but functional version, to get feedback and insights as early as possible.

Product ownership

We dedicate a product owner to coach and assist a product manager in your team. To help prioritize and ensure focus during a launch or transition period.

Product teams

When building larger products, we can dedicate a product team to work closely with your organization, ensuring continuity, speed and agility in building a great product together.

Tracking and metrics

Logging the right data points will help us understand how the product is used, predict user behaviour and ultimately ensure loyalty and a good experience.


Scalable technologies

Some digital products can be demanding when it comes to technical ressources; especially at scale. We asses the initial build and port the necessary portions to highly scalable technologies.

Funnel optimization

We do dedicated, strategic work to drive further adaption of the product in order to grow the user base and ensure loyalty.

Loyalty mechanisms

A clear strategy for increasing loyalty via a mix of well-proven techniques and creative strategies on a brand or product level.

Ready, set, build!

Let’s make some good stuff

We would be thrilled to work with you in shaping and building your dream. Let’s have a chat in our studio or online, to get the process on express tracks to a 5-star product experience.

Michael Valentin

CEO & Partner

Nicklas Rønning

Managing Director, Canada

Mathilde Ive

Managing Director, Denmark