We’re a digital lead agency

We are experts in websites, mobile, e-commerce and digital content. With strategy, design and technology we create digital experiences that your customers will love.


Digital Partner

With our digitally-led approach to communication, we can build your brand and drive sales across digital channels.

  • Digital strategy
  • Brand and market positioning
  • Campaign management
  • Concept development
  • Visual identities

Digital Products

With our talented team of strategists, designers and developers we build world class digital experiences that transform business.

  • App design and development
  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce
  • Self-service solutions
  • Campaign sites

Digital Content

With our modern take on content, crafted with online use in mind, we make people care for your brand and spark conversation.

  • Photo and video production
  • Motion graphics
  • Storytelling and Presentations
  • Social Media Content
  • Online Marketing

Combining design and technology to build awesome digital products that your customers love.

A digital lead agency that guides the way and makes your brand the champions of online.

We exist to help brave companies become industry leaders by building world class digital experiences.

A digital partner to lead the way

With a digital approach we can help solve a wide range of tasks.
Digital strategy

It is the buzzword of the decade: Digital Transformation. But what does it mean and how do you succed? Let us guide the way.

Digital Products

Based on strategy and insights we design and develop digital products that makes a difference for your business and your customers.


Corporate sites, brandsites, campaignsites or full digital platforms. We have solved hundreds of webprojects for our clients and know what it takes to build a solid digital experience.


E-commerce is a reality and selling products online is no easy task. We are experts in creating rich shopping experiences that users fall in love with.


Mobile usage has sky-rocketed in recent years, and handheld devices are becoming a crucial part of our lives. We know how to craft seamless mobile experiences.


Design for screens. We focus on functionality, interaction and usability. With a solid understanding of technology and code we do great design and rapid prototyping.


Launching a digital product or about to take your campaign online? We know how to tell the story and getting it told to the right audience.


Today a visual identity is more than a logo. In an ever-changing, fast-paced digital world, brands needs to evolve and create value beyond growth.


Sometimes an existing solution can be vastly improved with an outside perspective. With a keen focus on user experience we identify the best way to optimize what you already have

Video & Motion

A vital part of any digital experience. Moving images. Our in-house video & motion team will impress you. We promise. From animated gifs to TV-commercials, they have done it all.


There’s a huge potential in automating parts of your business. We can build intelligent digital tools to automate manual processes. Savings costs and minimizing risk at once.


Need some good advice on digital every once in a while? We can be your go-to-guy and help answer both simple and complex questions regarding branding, design and technology.


We love to bring our digital services to new industries.


Since our founding days we've had a knack for working with technology brands. We understand technology well and that gives us an advantage when communicating complex products and services in a simple way. We have worked with large tech companies such as Google, TDC and Sennheiser on communicating their technological product advantages in a way that people can understand and relate to.

  • Google
  • TDC
  • Sennheiser
  • MapsPeople


For decades B2B companies has been slow to adopt the powers of marketing. But the rise of the internet has brought new opportunities for driving sales and profits. Navigating with ease in the notoriosly complex structure of B2B markets, we have helped some of the largest corporations in Denmark with innovating their businesses. From E-commerce to Digital Tools that has made internal processes easier and paid off with massive ROI’s.

  • Maersk Line
  • Uno-X Gruppen
  • PrimaGaz
  • MAN


Sometimes design and code is not enough. Working with projects within the public sector requires an ability to handle multiple stakeholders and managing the political aspect of getting a project from vision to finished product. We like to bring a healthy amount of spark into the process and might influence the whole organisation with our agile and fresh approach to digital innovation and software development.

  • Danmark Radio
  • Vejdirektoratet
  • Dansk Industri
  • Rigspolitiet


When working with fashion and lifestyle brands a standard approach just doesn’t cut it. Consumers has come to expect more from the brands they love. A unique and rich shopping experience in line with the brands personality is expected as much online as in the store. We have developed e-commerce solutions for a number of trendsetting fashion brands - and every time we take a unique approach to build stores that takes the brand further.

  • Mads Nørgaard
  • Maria Black
  • TrendDay
  • IIL7


The future of what we eat and how we buy our groceries is changing. We've had the chance to work on a wide array of projects that involves everyones favourite activity: Eating. From large e-commerce solutions to small start-ups on a mission to change our whole perception of food. Even in the digital age the keywords are the same: Delicious, fresh and convenient.

  • REMA 1000
  • RetNemt
  • OneMeal
  • Ration


Due to the high level of regulation and minimal room for error the Pharma-industry can be a daunting industry. Succes demands an In-depth understanding of the product and market, combined with fierce project management. We have employed just that when building digital products and websites at a record-setting pace with the great people at Leo Innovation Lab and when we helped the largest animal health company in the world succesfully launch a industry-changing new digital product.

  • Zoetis
  • Leo Innovation Lab
  • Rigshospitalet
  • Novo Nordisk


Sometimes we are lucky enough to be asked by other agencies and consultants to collaborate with them on client projects. And we love that! Most of times we work as sub-contractors on projects where we help design and code digital products. Other times we are called upon if a project has failed and needs fixing. And every once in a while we even have the pleasure of doing other agencies websites. Talk about fun projects!

  • Is It a Bird
  • Fort Consult
  • Damvad Analytics
  • UnikHR


Recruiting the right people has become crucial in recent years. And potential canditates are more likely to do their research online. We have set new standards for attracting students to schools, and increased the number of applications for organisations such as Copenhagen Business School and Rigspolitiet. -But it is not all about the numbers it is also about the quality of the applications, and with digital you can tell authentic and inspiring stories to help prime the applicants.

  • CBS
  • Øregård Gymansium
  • Politiskolen
  • UCC


Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or attracting investors, clear communication is key. Removing the clutter and focusing on the true value of your product becomes essential in a fast-paced world. We have helped some of the most exciting danish start-ups build their products and sell it to first-movers and investors. With product design, visual identity, slide-decks, video-presentations and awe-inspiring websites we make sure you are off to a great start.

  • BilAbonnement
  • Billys Billing
  • Vigo
  • MultiTower

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