Standing out in a sea of sameness


What is your claim to fame? The reason that anyone should listen in a world filled with distraction. Fluff to some but hardcore business to most. Branding.

Signifly crafts brands that are distinct, characteristic and damn hard to resist. Brands that have a story to tell and can tell it with conviction.

Every brand process starts with getting up-close and personal - by deep diving into your business, audience, and the competitive & cultural context. Insights lead the way to that unique core concept to own - and own with confidence. A concept that fuels how your brand looks, talks, and acts. The distinct personality of your business.

This is all with the aim to build brands that are something for some - instead of being everything to none. A brand to embody your business of today, tomorrow and many years to come.

That is why you’ll hear us say “brand means business” - because the companies that are able to win hearts and minds, hold the (digital) future.

Especially online.


Create long-term value through distinctive positioning. Make bold decisions on what you are and what you are not, and let it resonate across all your touchpoints.

Our Branding Toolbox


Brand audit

A solid analysis of the brand assets, legacy, strongholds and weak points, competition and opportunities. With clear recommendations for future actions.

Market research

A mix of quantitive and qualitative research methods for insights into the market situation, audience dynamics and competitors.


An exploration to find the sweet spot in the market and a position that resonates with the values and aspirations of your brand (and audience).

Go-to-market strategy

A solid plan of concrete actions to make sure your brands and product quickly becomes the talk of the town.



What is a name? A pretty big deal if you ask us. Using proven naming methods, our expert team will help you shortlist names and test them before investing too deep.

Visual identity

Distinctive visual assets make the brand stick. A well-crafted visual identity is flexible in use but also ensures consistency across touchpoints.

Brand guidelines

Clear guidelines are ‘make or break’ for your brand. We forge them with pragmatism and strategic wit, for effective use across channels.

Brand & 

How does your brand communicate? We form your tone-of-voice with clear guidelines and concrete examples to ensure consistent communication and coherent brand-feel.

Company website

Be it a large corporate website with a multitude of stakeholders, or a small landing page, our creative tech team is here to make your digital presence align beautifully with your brand.

Design system

A detailed set of rules for how your brand designs new digital or analogue products - or updates old ones.


Touchpoint design

Tame internal ideas with a concrete plan for how to talk, look and act across all your digital touch points.

Brand communication

A trusted advisor or extra pen in the comms team, we can help make all types of ongoing workflow smooth, fast, and in line with your brand standards.

Channel optimization

The list of must-do channels are ever increasing. We help you prioritize content and streamline look and feel across your channels, to optimize reach and brand effect.

Expansion strategies

Global yet local. New markets may require certain tweaks to your brand platform. Our experts will find the balance and craft assets to support and strengthen new market entries.

Let’s talk brand

Ready to steal the show

Let’s have a chat about how we can elevate and empower your brand to win hearts and minds through distinctive positioning. Whether it is a fresh new brand you are looking for or a refresh to a well-established trade name, we are here to help.

Alexander Spliid

Partner & Design Director

Sofie Henriksen

Director of Strategy and Business Design

Sofia Gruchalla-Wesierski

Creative Strategist