Digital Innovation

About us

We’re an agency specializing in digital innovation located in Copenhagen, Montréal and Oslo. Our team of consultants, designers and developers builds and launches digital products and experiences for ambitious clients.

The basics

What we do Signifly creates brands, builds products and launches campaigns

How we do it Our tools are innovation, design and technology.

What makes us different We believe in close collaboration and a multidisciplinary culture.

Fuelling digital innovation since 2010

10 years and counting

We're on a mission to improve how companies use digital solutions to amplify brands and connect with people

Since setting up shop in 2010 we’ve been creating websites, apps, digital branding and online campaigns for bold, visionary companies. Our mission is to make it easier for brands to adapt technology and for their brand followers to benefit. This desire to cut through the complexity and get down to providing useful digital offerings has guided our decisions since day one.


Fastest-growing agency in Denmark (2017)


Time Gazelle recipient for company growth


Awards for design and development


Ambitious team players and experts


Locations in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Montréal


Doing our thing since 2010

The team is key

We build teams to match businesses. We understand that ideas come from everywhere and expect everyone to bring their own perspectives to the table.

Our culture is built on collaboration, and we believe diverse teams help foster innovation and build better products.

- Visual identities
- User Interfaces
- UX-design (web and apps)
- Video-production
- Interaction design
- Motion graphics
- Brand positioning
- Digital strategy
- Product fit and utilities
- Innovation processes
- Communication
- Organizational change
- System architecture
- Integration logic
- Custom software
- CMS & Admin systems
- Data processing and dashboards

From start-ups to global brands

As an innovation partner, we should never get stuck in one industry or type of problem. That’s why we work with a wide range of brands – public and private, b2b and b2c and across a multitude of industries. The teams we work with are industry experts, and we contribute inspiration and new ways of turning industry insights into action.

Our values


Second agendas kill creativity. So openness, fairness and respect are qualities of the people we like to work with. We do our best to be transparent and honest and expect people around us to hold the same standards.


A positive attitude fuels creative processes, and good vibes tend to multiply when everyone brings their A-game. No one is perfect, but we do our best to keep the energy high and the vibe positive for ourselves and the teams we work with.


We love what we do and believe we do our best work when we have fun doing it. It’s not that we need to crack jokes or horse around – we just have to structure our efforts so what we’re doing feels more like play than work.

Let's build something together

If you have a digital project in mind, we would be happy to have a chat about how we can help make that happen.

We are pretty confident we can challenge your assumptions and help shape a good process through which to develop insights, skills and an extremely satisfying outcome.

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Michael Valentin
CEO, Partner & Digital Strategist
Nicklas Rønning
Managing Director, Canada