Electrifying the EV transport sector

For Norwegian company Zaptec, building towards a sustainable, electric future is in their roots. It’s why they’ve taken on the mission to ensure easier access to personal electric transport by offering leading, green technological charging solutions. Their efficient electric car chargers empower drivers with the freedom and ability to go wherever, whenever.

We partnered with Zaptec to help their transition from B2B to B2C by creating a beautiful, intuitive online experience. The web design highlights both their sleek, elegant technology and the natural beauty of the Norwegian coastline, and the simple-to-navigate website makes shopping effortless. The result is a conversion-driven website that invites shoppers to travel into a more sustainable future and makes it easy to adopt into their every day.

Partnership lead:
Patrick Rønning, Mathilde Lundgreen & Tore Heimann
November 2020 – February 2021
Key focus:

Electrifying Nordic roots

To tap into Zaptec's Nordic roots, the design features stunning shots of the Norwegian coastline.

Customized subscription solution

To support and integrate their new Zaptec Go+ service, we built a customized backend solution.

Full conversion-driven website

To drive sales, we streamlined the website and checkout process, translating into immediate results.

Front page video
Product rotation
Charger close-up
Front page and menu mobile navigation
Product page feature

Zaptec Go+

In addition to their home chargers, Zaptec offers a subscription service, Zaptec Go+, to help optimize the charging of your vehicles when electricity prices are low. To integrate the subscription service onto the website, we built a customized backend solution. The easy-to-navigate design also helped encourage shoppers to add Zaptec Go+ directly at checkout.

Checkout flow
Mobile navigation and checkout
Product page
Fitted for all types of electric vehicles
Product comparison
Zaptec charger
404 error page