Clothing that lasts


Timespan: Sept '20 - May '21

Key Focus: Rebuild the UX and UI

TRISTAN, one of Canada’s well-recognized clothing brands, observed the need to enhance its ecomm platform to no longer lean on its traditional brick-and-mortar retail sales as its primary source of revenue.  The objective was to migrate their current platform from an in-house custom solution to Shopify, increasing sales while offering their team a more easily manageable and reliable solution. The migration provided the opportunity to renew its UX/UI and optimize purchase flows to meet the needs of a modern audience while maintaining its current loyal customer base. TRISTAN leaned into the fast MVP approach to ensure immediate results and a scalable foundation.

Kudos to

Project manager / Felix Lamarre

Strategy Lead / Nicklas Rønning

Lead Design / Alexandre Lee

Development / Pedro Padron