Scalable design system


Timespan: '21

Key Focus: UI Design

During the pandemic, played a vital role in Danes' lives: capturing an overview of one's health data. With the surge of new visitors, the website rolled out additional features, and the design system became stretched beyond its limits, creating a platform difficult to scale. To create a consistent design across all digital touchpoints, got an elevated contemporary design that does not compromise the recognizability of the platform, as well as an updated UX and navigation structure that enables a more intuitive user experience. Everything was then wrapped up into a comprehensive design system for easy creation of new pages.

Improving existing screens, with minor but vital tweaks to improve the user experience.

Designing new premade components to ease the implementation of new modules.

Optimizing menu structure

Combining everything in a comprehensive system.

Kudos to

Client & Strategy Lead / Sofie Henriksen

Design Lead / Søren Schrøder