Elevated e-commerce for luxury chocolatiers

Client: Summerbird

Timespan: Apr '23 – present

Key Focus: E-Commerce

Summerbird Organic, the iconic Danish chocolatier, set its sights on becoming the largest online global chocolate brand. With a focus on digital, the premium brand needed to strike the delicate balance between preserving its brand's prestige and providing a frictionless and delightful shopping experience for its customers. This meant choosing crucial moments to elevate the storytelling and imagery, giving visitors a peek into the craft behind each confection. The new e-commerce serves up just that. A sweeter, smoother setup that gives online viewers a window into the renowned brand. It's a step towards establishing themselves as digital leaders while also offering their loyal customers a more enjoyable and tasteful shopping experience today.

Kudos to

Project Lead / Mathilde Ive

Art Direction / Alexander Spliid

Innovation Lead / Hedvig Aanesen

Brand Strategy / Sofie Henriksen

Digital Design / Julie Elgaard

Video & Photo / Nikolaj Trane

Video & Photo / Lukas Gottlieb

Lead Developer / Christoffer Skytte Wielsøe