Boosting the sharing economy for groceries

A natural step for the client, which had a solid concept for last-mile delivery via a mobile sharing-economy app, was to expand the target group by establishing an online interface accessible via web browsers. Balancing the priorities of offering a cutting-edge experience while supporting a highly diverse target audience was a key design challenge. At the same time, speed of execution was crucial to reaching relevant targets and supporting planned marketing activities, thus making a multifunctional team and close collaboration an absolute must.

Strategic lead:
Michael Valentin
Jan '17 - Jan '18
Key focus:
Growth and new target groups

Speed of light

The fastest online grocery experience around

Best-in-class UX

Makes grocery shopping easy as pie

SPA architecture

Future-proof technical platform

Seamless handover

Smooth handover to Rema1000 developers

An independent setup

The innovation team was set up as an independent unit (Vigo), owned by Rema1000. The new business unit has ambitious goals and is funded by Rema1000, but its independent nature allows for rapid experimentation outside normal corporate structures. This set-up is key to the success of this new service, which can move fast and create results that warrant further investment.

Inspired by global top players

With the clear goal of creating the best-in-class user experience for online grocery shopping, our first step was a research sprint to compile a catalogue of the ideas implemented by top players around the world. These insights inspired early UX drafts and later became reference points when the final design and implementation were discussed.

Balancing priorities

REMA1000 had an ambitious strategy to stand out as a modern service, but also had to be able to serve a highly diverse target audience and implement existing marketing strategies. As such, its priorities had to be carefully balanced. We worked in close collaboration with the Vigo team and Rema1000 headquarters to ensure that the end-product would produce the desired results and satisfy all stakeholders.

Bringing the ease and familiarity of physical shopping into the digital universe

Drawing on the expectations and experience users already have from shopping in the physical realm

Evolving a cross-channel user experience

In building the online service, the team had to carefully consider the interplay between the in-store experience and the companion iOS / Android app.

All touchpoints have to be continually developed, but also need to be timed against each other, so that end-users experience a total service that is always up-to-date. In practice new touchpoint ideas inspired the development of other touchpoints, and it was this close collaboration throughout the process that enabled just the type of continuous innovation required to deliver this user experience.

Seamless handover

After a successful launch, a small in-house development team was established to accelerate further experiments and refinements. With a well-structured technical set-up and a well-known tech-stack, this handover could happen with little extra work, and the new development team could quickly deliver new features and documented business value.

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