REMA 1000

online shopping

Client: REMA 1000

Timespan: Jan '17 - Jan '18

Key Focus: E-commerce Design

With online grocery shopping consistently on the rise and a pandemic encouraging more to shop from home, the business model became attractive for many. However, running an online supermarket comes with a high price tag and a complex logistics system. To challenge the traditional model, REMA 1000 and Vigo created a solution that would engage local shoppers and decentralize the work to create shorter delivery times, lower environmental impact, provide a new income stream, and boost the economy of local grocery stores. The new app allowed REMA 1000 online shoppers to submit shopping tasks, and enable local shoppers to take the task, purchase in their REMA 1000 store, and deliver the goods to the customer.


of all orders are delivered by foot or bike


Active users on the platform after only 3 years


The service makes e-commerce,
 local, personal and sustainable.


Delivery of fresh groceries made possible with technology

Easy shopping from the phone

The powerful search functionality and ‘Add to basket’ directly from search make shopping a breeze

Easy overview of your cart

Handling the communication between shopper and customer throughout the experience.

Bringing the ease and familiarity of physical shopping into the digital universe

The innovation team was set up as an independent unit (Vigo), owned by Rema1000. While funded by Rema1000, the new business unit's independent nature allows for rapid experimentation outside normal corporate structures.

Kudos to

Client Lead / Michael Valentin

Lead Design / Søren Schrøder

Design / Alexander Spliid

Web app lead / Michael Valentin

Mobile app and backend / Novasa