PET Packaging Solutions

Client: Petainer

Timespan: October '23 - January '24

Key Focus: Branding

How do you transform a brand’s visual identity without losing the elements at the core of consumer recognition? As a premium supplier of various PET packaging solutions for leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Super Bock, Petainer had already earned brand equity and gained recognition due to their well-established reputation and dedication to sustainable plastic development. However, their visual identity felt flat rather than bubbled, so Petainer needed a refresh that instead embodied their feel, reflecting consistency, coherence and intention. Today, Petainer’s logo, colour scheme, product illustrations and company brochure have more of a pop to them. They’ve been modernised to reflect a uniform feel, whilst still maintaining aspects of their original brand identity. We'll drink to that!

By transforming the core brand colours, Petainer’s Visual Identity raised the bar from juvenile to premium.

The continued use of the sleek triangle icon makes Petainer instantly identifiable.

Moreover, Petainer now has a Brand Hub, accessible digitally, that specifies a clear set of brand rules that the client can refer to when producing branded content in the future.

Kudos to

Client Lead / Dženita Džindo

Client Lead / Jamie Vaughan

Designer / Alexander Spliid

Designer / Christopher Ashton

Brand Hub Developer / Lukas Jurcik