The perfect co-driver

Client: OOONO

Timespan: '21

Key Focus: Digital Products

OOONO, the creator of the OOONO CO-DRIVER, makes traveling on the road safer by connecting people, so they can share and receive traffic information that makes a difference. In positioning themselves as your perfect travel companion, they wanted to introduce OOONO as the CO-DRIVER product and app, and not just the traffic alarm device they used to be. To fit their new identity and help improve sales outside of Amazon, OOONO needed to update their e-commerce. Using the latest tracking and segmentation tools, OOONO's new dynamic platform positions them as the perfect passenger for travel and lets customers easily shop across the entire OOONO brand and subbrands.

Kudos to

Client lead / Emil Hørlyck

Tech lead / Tore Heimann

Lead designer / Martin Balle

Lead developer / Hugo Miranda