A hunger for more

Client: OLALA!

Timespan: March - May 2023

Key Focus: Web design, development, and copywriting

OLALA! is pioneering a new food category, developing mouthwatering fish alternatives that pack all of the taste, without any of the fishiness. Products for vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores alike – OLALA! focuses on delivering flavors for all foodies, and loaded with heart-healthy nutritional value similar to fish. In launching their new brand, OLALA! needed a fresh, flexible, and vibrant new website to help unfold their brand story. The result is an enticing showcase of their signature products – featuring new lifestyle photography, a quirky tone of voice, and a simple, scalable platform launched in two languages. Explore the new website at https://www.olalafoods.fr/

Kudos to

Project Manager / Sixten Fischer

Lead Designer / Caroline Vestergaard Reiter

Copywriter / Gabby Olivas

Photographer / Victor Feillant

French Copywriter / Agathe Merciol