Humanizing the online experience

Client: Ofélia

Timespan: '22

Key Focus: Ecommerce

As the go-to boutique for women’s high-end European fashion in Quebec, Ofélia is built off the premise that the customer experience is at the forefront of what they do. Through curated product selection and impeccable customer service, Ofélia has developed a reputation for providing their customers with a premium experience from start to finish. So how does a company like Ofélia, ensure they can meet the same premium standards they have set for themselves when expanding their business offerings by going digital? Ofélia felt their online presence lagged behind the high-end service they offered in-store. With a catalogue-style product list as their main online store feature, customers had been required to contact Ofélia store representatives when looking for information regarding sizing, colour, and inventory availabilities. While functional, the founders of Ofélia found this catalogue-style format failed to meet the Ofélia promise of start-to-finish excellence. With our help, Ofélia embarked on a complete overhaul of their digital platform, enhancing customer experience through refined design features within the UX & UI. Additionally, Ofélia was able to expand its business offerings with an e-commerce store that enabled customers to shop from the comfort of their homes. Built-in features such as the “wardrobe” assistant offer clients a personal stylist ready to help at a moment’s notice, giving shoppers the freedom to navigate the site themselves while also having the option to get instant help from a real representative. To mimic the in-store experience, special attention was also paid to the design layout of the online store; Online product displays were made similar to those found in-store, allowing customers to experience the same premium Ofélia service no matter how they choose to shop.