A world of difference

Nørrebro Gymnasium, formerly known as Akademisk Studenterkursus, is a gymnasium in the heart of Nørrebro. Nørrebro Gymnasium's history as ASK struggled to find a distinctive voice in the competition for students, subject to negative press that distorted the image of traditionally multicultural schools.

However, above all, it was a place with room for everyone to pursue their education. A champion for diversity of thought and experience. When we partnered together, we then wanted to celebrate the nuance in both their student environment and physical environment with a look that embraced their diverse roots and a brand that resonated with its core essence.

Nørrebro Gymnasium
Strategic lead:
Mads Lindum
Creative lead:
Alexander Spliid
Summer 2020
Key focus:

All on board

Workshops with teachers allowed us to find the common themes and align administration efforts

Spotlighting multiculturalism

Multiculturalism came to the forefront, flipping the outdated perspective of diverse spaces

Total rebrand

New name, tagline, visual identity, and website gave the institution a refreshed look that reflected its sense of place

How do you shift perspective on what it means to be a multicultural school?

In the past, the press has pushed the idea that students from non-western background lagged behind other Danish students. However, in working alongside teachers and staff, we discovered that being a diverse, multicultural school was a strength, not a liability.

The core of the school rallied around kindness, closeness, and respect. Thus, their new tagline "En verden til forskel" (English: A world of difference) encapsulates this two-pronged meaning, where the school celebrates the differences in their students and the world, as well as showcases their own efforts to make a large difference in their community.

In rolling out a new brand identity, we also paid tribute to the area, landing on a new logo design inspired by the graphic lines of Superkilen, a park that similarly embraces its diverse roots, and the color of Den Røde Plads, a red square situated in the same park. The final look then uses their surroundings as inspiration while still maintaining a modern, updated feel.

The logo reveal
Concept tagline
Constructing the logo
Logo design
Interior inspiration
Color scheme
Website mobile
Scroll posters
Advertisement mockup