Revolutionary product design saving lives on tankers around the world

Nautix is a funded start-up looking to make ship operations easier and safer. They came to us with a possibly revolutionairy idea and sought guidance to make it tangible for stakeholders. We started by creating a Visual Identity aiming to combine the vast world os seafaring and cutting-edge technology. Once that was in place, we helped them with designing the actual product, a ship operations planning tool, with an MVP being pressented for potential client, while the actual platform is being build.

Nautix Technologies
Partnership lead:
Alexander Spliid
2018 -
Key focus:
Getting a promising startup a go-to-marked ready product
The inspiration for the logomark
Logo colorvariations
Stationary logo mockup
Business cards for the Nautix founders
Custom icons for the visual identity
Slidedeck example
Planning view from the software
Task list from the software
Progress when completing task in an operation
Progressbar dsiplaying the level of completion and planning for an operation
Risk and hazard assessment feature
Unplanned tasklist versus a planned tasklist
Sitcker and water bottle mockup
T-shirt and ID card mockup
Slidedeck example
Slidedeck example
Slidedeck example