Helping level up their brand experience

Client: MATE.

Timespan: 2020-2021

Key Focus: Brand

While riding bikes might be a given for any Copenhagen-based individual, targeting a global urban audience requires a distinct and persuasive visual profile, storytelling, and a beautiful product line. With an updated brand book, two new brand films, and a new visual universe for the MATE X, MATE S and MATE SUV, the e-bike company has sharpened their profile and successfully launched a series of limited edition designs, global campaigns, and a loyalty universe.

Case video

Color universes for each bike

Companion app

Customization and checkout

Making every part of MATE as cool as the bike.

Mate X Campaign video

Optimization of ecommerce experience

Checkout-flow optimization

Introducing the MATE SUV -- testing out different color ranges early in development

Copywriting and layout for MATE SUV landingpage

Digital ads

Special Edition Exploration

Design guide

Packaging Concept

MATE Apparel

MATE Apparel exploration

Kudos to

Art Direction / Alexander Spliid

Client Lead / Mathilde Ive

Digital Design / Søren Schrøder

Film / Nikolaj Trane

Film / Christian Wienberg

Design / Mahendra Canaguy

Merch concepts with / Christian Knudsen

Photography / Signifly, Blonde and Yellow

E-commerce / Manyone + Signifly