Tackling transparency in influencer marketing

Make Influence wants to turn influencer marketing on its head. Rid companies of their reliance on assumptions, and inspire a new generation of influencers. It’s a call to let the data do the talking. That’s why they designed a performance-based influencer marketing platform that gives both sides of the equation (influencers and companies) a transparent, honest alternative to traditional setups. Simply put, it’s influencer marketing made fair.

In positioning Make Influence as the new system for influencer marketing, we wanted to solidify their brand identity, frame their conversation with new communication appeals, design a website that matches their fresh, honest, human-centered vibe, and ready them for future growth. The result: a match made at Make Influence.

Want to see the finished product? Head over to makeinfluence.com

Make Influence
Strategic lead:
Patrick Rønning and Malthe Mogensen
Creative lead:
Alexander Spliid
August – October 2020
Key focus:

Honesty, Openness, Accountability

Full transparency means influencers reap the full benefit of what they sow, and companies get tangible results from their campaigns.

Designing the foundation for growth

Leveling up their brand identity and web design gave Make Influence the professional edge needed for market growth.

Real stories gain traction

Their brand DNA is fresh and human, and we partnered to find the communication that sticks – to attract a new generation of influencers.

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