Redefining influencer marketing

A brand to tackle transparency

Client: Make Influence

Timespan: August – October 2020

Key Focus: Branding

Make Influence wants to turn influencer marketing on its head. Rid companies of their reliance on assumptions, and inspire a new generation of influencers. That’s why they designed a performance-based influencer marketing platform that gives both sides of the equation (influencers and companies) a transparent, honest alternative to traditional setups. Simply put, it’s influencer marketing made fair. To position Make Influence as the new system for influencer marketing, an upgraded brand identity and website were developed to match their fresh, honest, human-centered vibe.

Creating a visual identity and digital experience that positions Make Influence as a fresh and more honest alternative to existing platforms

Combining confident copy with a playful visual universe full of color, illustration and quirky doodles.

Kudos to

Client Lead / Patrick Rønning

Digital Design / Søren Schrøder

Brand Design / Alexander Spliid

Copywriter / Gabby Olivas