Next stop. New adventures.

Client: Fleet

Timespan: Jan '22 - Apr '23

Key Focus: Platform design & brand ID

VIKINGBUS, one of Denmark's biggest bus companies, had the ambition of creating a new and ambitious direct-to-consumer bus service meeting the needs of a modern audience with a more spontaneous approach to traveling. They were looking to craft a completely new and autonomous brand fueled by a smooth, elevated digital experience. The result is a completely new brand built from the ground up - Fleet. With a bold and distinct brand identity at its center, Fleet is a cohesive brand experience that runs seamlessly between its physical and digital manifestations, fit for a modern consumer.

Naming and visual identity

App and Webdesign

We created a smooth journey, both physically and digitally, prioritizing giving customers flexibility and removing friction. One feature in the Fleet app allows users to track their bus in the same way you can track your Uber, and Fleet drivers will also be able to trigger notifications and text messages to travelers if traffic causes delays.

Photography & Video

Campaign materials

Kudos to

Client Lead / Patrick Rønning

Client Lead / Mathilde Ive

Strategy Lead / Mads Lindum

Design Lead / Alexander Spliid

Design Lead / Caroline Vestergaard Reiter