Droplet IV

Startup of the Year CVIC Denmark 2023

Client: Droplet IV

Timespan: August - September '23

Key Focus: Branding

Droplet IV, voted Startup of the Year by VCIC Denmark in 2023, wanted to transform their Visual ID and brand book. As part of the Bio-Innovation Institute, Droplet IV provides a product that automatically flushes IV-administered medication, creating people- and environment-focused solutions. They needed a brand identity that told their story, raised awareness of their product, and reflected the fundamental life-changing work that they do. The result was a modernised, sleek and established Visual ID.

With a redefined colour scheme centred around their name ‘Droplet’, cool blues and whites mimic water tones, emulating tranquillity and cleanliness. Warm yellows and oranges are used for colour signposting.

Their transformed logo and typography encapsulates their sterile and sustainable nature.

The Visual ID was designed with medical demonstrations and diagrams in mind due to the medicinal nature of the client, so extra attention was also made to its compatibility with graphs.

Kudos to

Client Lead / Jamie Vaughan

Strategist / Gabby Olivas

Visual ID Designer / Lukas Jurcik

Logo Designer / Alexander Spliid