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Client: Diva International Inc.

Timespan: Dec '21 - Jan '23

Key Focus: Rebrand and ecomm build

Diva is a legacy brand best known for paving the way within the modern cycle care industry through the global adoption of their product, the DivaCup.  As new competitors emerge within the category, the timing for a brand and platform refresh was critical to Diva reclaiming its stance as the leader.  The updated brand identity highlights the voices of their community and focuses on Diva's values, claiming their stance as the conscious cycle care partner. The visual identity is clean and more gender-neutral, with colours associated with lightheartedness and optimism. Diva consolidated their various sites into one centralized ecomm platform to ensure a positive experience throughout their offerings.

Diva acknowledges the challenges that come with modern cycle care and embraces transparency to provide our community with knowledge and confidence to live worry-free.

Kudos to

Project Manager / Aurelie Saïz

Strategy / Kathrine Elvira Boysen

Strategy / Sofia Gruchalla-Wesierski

Strategy Lead / Nicolas Abou

Lead Design / Alexandre Lee

Design / Sasha Ng

Development / Anna Chowattanakul

Development / Pedro Padron