The Danish driving license has gone digital

Developed and designed on the basis of a massive test work, where groups of all demographics in the wide target group were represented, the final product resulted in being the most successful implemented app in the public service sector. A smooth and frictionless implementation with over 1.000.000 successful downloads within the first 3 months.

Built with such a wide target group in mind, from digital natives to analog patriots, along with high-security measures for control and safety, the app acts as a valid and secure ID when you need to identify yourself in everyday life, making it one less thing to remember on your way out.

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Strategic lead:
Alexander Spliid and Michael Valentin
Key focus:
App Design

No. 1

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CCA 2021

Nominated for Best App

Design Elements
Re-designing an old classic while maintaining the visual connotation
App design
Core screens and onboarding
Easy onboarding and menu

Safety first

To keep the ID card as secure as possible, we utilized the NFC reader in smartphones to scan your passport data. The dynamic QR code for police officers and gyroscope tilt in icons maximize safety and reduce the possibility of fraud.

Visual style

The visual style of the app is inspired by the physical driving license familiar to every Dane - marked by its iconic pink color. But to make it feel at home on the screen, we gave it a modern update. Fresh and clean without compromising its authority as an official app backed by the Danish Police.

Turning a classic digital
Icon design
Card and icon
Core design components (Design System)

Alternate card views

Onboarding a whole country

The app is designed with the wide population in mind.

The main focus was designing an onboarding experience that would resonate with the entire population using explanatory illustrations, simple graphics and precise video examples to guide the user through an easy onboarding.

Animated onboarding illustrations

Animated onboarding illustrations
Designed for iOS and Android
Easy onboarding