Two universes for DEA

DEA is an independent, non-profit think tank based in Copenhagen. Since 2010, they've produced work advocating for the prioritization of early learning, education, research, and innovation. Their deep analysis is often showcased through long, detailed papers - with page counts upwards of 80 pages.

However, DEA's audience of politicians and journalists don't always have the time to read through their long-form research. To address this discrepancy, we clarified their profile through a series of workshops, developed a new visual identity, and produced a two-sided website: one in black-and-white for busy readers to catch the key takeaways; and one dripping with color to highlight their nuanced, detailed work. The result was a sharpened external identity that gave a beautiful and user-friendly experience and also optimized their internal processes.

Strategic lead:
Sara Friis Bache and Malthe Mogensen
January 2020 - May 2020
Key focus:
visual identity, website, workshops

Two color universes

Novel two-sided web design created a beautiful, user-friendly digital experience

Updated relevance

Clarified profile helped identify their market edge

Internal optimization

Writing workshops and new web layout updated their internal working processes

For DEA's 10th anniversary, we produced a short video to highlight who they are and what they do.
Visual identity for their black & white website
Visual identity for their color website
Graphic for their color website
Mockups of stationary
Illustration and graphics for video
Color scheme for the web design
Mockup of the color identity
Writing guide for the shortened "black on white" web version
Web design mockup for mobile
Graphic for mobile version
Graphic for mobile version
Website and mobile mockup
Website and app icon mockup