Paving the way for the new digital home of the Danish Road Directorate

Together with the Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet), we worked to develop new digital touchpoints to replace legacy systems. The strategy is to involve key stakeholders early on and create extensive visual prototypes to give everyone a clear picture of where we are heading. Maintaining enthusiasm for the project was particularly important in this case, as it involved a lengthy tender, selection, and build process in a public sector enterprise.

Strategic lead:
Michael Valentin
Feb '17 - Now
Key focus:
Digital touchpoints and competences

Stakeholder support

Stakeholders have generally been very positive about the updates

On-time, on-budget

All work has been completed within the allocated time-frame and budget

New website in 2019

A new, revised website will be launched during 2019

Early stakeholder involvement

A wide variety of stakeholders made it natural to involve representatives at an early stage, learn about their challenges and desires and secure their early commitment to the new initiative. This tactic has proved valuable in making the final product, as the insights can guide decision-making, and potential conflicts are uncovered early so they can be effectively mitigated.

Visual prototypes

Creating extensive visual prototypes is a solid strategy for avoiding the ambiguity of language-heavy slide decks and instead discussing the solution itself and how it will be used. The prototypes have sparked many healthy discussions and reassured management that the project is going in the right direction and has the momentum they are looking for. This visual type of specifying future systems was adopted all the way through the call for tenders with great success.

Using prototypes as close to real-life as possible to establish a common understanding and make the right decisions.

Multiple scenarios

To enable senior management make effective decisions, we sketched out and analysed multiple scenarios.

High-level business cases were created to highlight relevant benefits and spark a data-based discussion about the pros and cons of different decisions. With a few revisions and refinements, this made it possible to gain the necessary mandate from senior management and officially initiate the call for tenders.

Tender negotiations

With a highly visual specification and extensive research and testing to back it up, the call for tenders could be arranged as a ‘tender with negotiations’.

A number of suppliers can be shortlisted from among relevant applicants, and after proposals have been received from the shortlisted suppliers, negotiations can begin. The negotiations help further qualify the offers, and the tenderers have a chance to revise their proposals based on feedback received before the final selection. This process has proved to create well-qualified partnerships and enable the desired solution to be realized effectively.

Future perspectives

With early stakeholder involvement, visual specifications and new tender strategies, the Danish Road Directorate has a new and effective toolbox for future digital projects.

Technology is an integral part of providing a modern and efficient service, and new digital projects are already presenting themselves. With this new toolbox and a solid partnership, we are ready to take on these new challenges.

Let’s build something together

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Michael Valentin
CEO, Partner & Digital Strategist
Søren Schrøder
Design Team Lead