Chatbot. Changed.

Client: Certainly

Timespan: Oct '20 - Feb '21

Key Focus: Naming and Branding

Certainly is a leading conversational commerce platform, helping companies build digital shopping assistants. Previously called BotXO, their old name needed a refresh to avoid being mistaken with yet another chatbot. The team landed on Certainly, a positive and warm response to life’s queries, and the new name was accompanied by a vibrant, modern look and logo – proving that even complex technology can look appealing to users.

The naming exercise began with hundreds of potential candidates before choosing Certainly.

The three dots of the logo are inspired by the common symbol of online chatting, and they shapeshift to mimic different digital behavior of listening, thinking, typing and searching.

The surrounding identity is playful and flexible, with friendly bespoke illustrations and icons rounding out the rest of the scalable and recognizable identity.

“The brand that Signifly created has helped us achieve everything we hoped for and more."

Henrik Fabrin
Co-Founder, Certainly

Kudos to

Brand Strategy / Malthe Mogensen

Visual Identity & Art Direction / Alexander Spliid

Digital Design / Søren Schrøder

Motion Graphics / Trine Rønsholdt

Icons / Kristoffer Balzer Nielsen

Illustrations / Lilla Bardenova