Realising people potential

Client: BPI - Business Partnering Institute

Timespan: Apr '22 - Sep '22

Key Focus: Brand Platform & Identity

BPI is a purpose-driven consulting firm aimed at cracking the code on business partnering and unlocking the value potential of the finance function. Working at the forefront of the finance industry, BPI understands that impact is not created by just systems and processes, but by people and their ability to drive change. That's why to translate their core capabilities into a modern and distinct brand platform and identity, BPI put people at the forefront. Showing that realizing people's potential enables organizations to drive true and sustainable impact.

BPI’s brand graphic element is a visual representation of the change and impact BPI brings to the usual ways of thinking and doing finance. While the repetition of Is represents the data, organization, and pragmatism, the inclined I shows the mission of BPI to change the traditional and make the finance world more exciting and innovative. BPI is the one that makes a difference, the first mover, working at the forefront of the future of finance.

BPI’s Display Numbers are inspired by building blocks that were put in order.

BPI's communication brings minimalist, contemporary and sharp infographics.

Kudos to

Strategy lead / Sofie Henriksen

Design lead / Alexander Spliid

Web design / Caroline Vestergaard Reiter

Design / Natalia Garcez