Using current capabilities to start new revenue streams

Problem The Swedish record label SNAFU identified that many musicians today have folders stacked with unfinished tracks, beats & songs. Too much great music with great potential is collecting dust, never seeing the light of day. The world is missing out on dope music.

Insight We need a platform for musicians to share, discover and co-create on unfinished projects. However, unknown musicians struggle to break through the noise even though their music has huge potential to succeed. In other words: Name and fame run the game and are prioritized in front of the music.

Solution The Blurry platform is built around blurring all distractions, so the users connect based on music rather than fame or streams. Leveling out the playing field between established and upcoming artists. We help musical creatives share, discover and co-create on unfinished projects based on their musical skills rather than their name and fame.

Strategic lead:
Mads Lindum
Creative lead:
Martin Balle