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Client: 7-Eleven Norvège

Timespan: Jan '20 - present

Key Focus: Brand & Digital

When 7-Eleven first arrived in Norway in the 1980s, it made a big splash, offering a global perspective to the local market. However, over time, the chain, owned by Reitangruppen, found an increasing need to differentiate itself regain the spark that initially drove people to 7-Eleven's doors. With a new brand position, visual and rhetorical upgrade, and several concepts launched for their coffee, hot foods, and frozen yogurt, 7-Eleven's brand has been invigorated with an attitude that speaks to what convenience means today.

Defining and designing the brand hierarchy of 7-Eleven.

Ongoing food concepts help position 7-Eleven as the go-to food destination for convenient, well-priced, delicious delights.

A full set of playful illustrations paired with witty copy-writing adds a spark of joy to the communication.

​​Inspired by the global 7-Eleven identity, the new brand expands on the core values of fun, adventure, energy, and freedom.

Campaigns and collaborations with Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Monster create buzz and cross-promotion in stores.

Along with the brand work we worked in parallel to transform 7-Eleven digitally, including the design of new and existing 7-Eleven apps.

From custom playlists in every store to reimagining convenience store. We’ve elevated everything.

Samples of OLD Identity

Samples of NEW Identity

Kudos to

Client Lead / Hedvig Aanesen

Project Manager / Jana Opsahl

Lead Strategist / Mads Lindum

Lead Design / Martin Balle

Illustrations / Lilla Bardenova

Illustrations & Graphic design / Natalia Garcez