We contacted Signifly three years ago when we experienced that our eCommerce could not keep up with our fast-growing online market. The platform was not scalable and needed an upgrade in design and features. In addition, we needed a PIM system to manage product information as our business expanded.

Since we launched our new eCommerce, Signifly has proven to be a steady partner with a deep understanding of both the technical setup and our brand identity. Throughout the years, they have helped us with everything from design, user experiences, video production, PIM- and ERP systems. Besides their obvious technical skillset, Signifly gives solid strategic inputs on how our company can scale within different areas. When we approach them with new mandates, they see solutions rather than challenges. Our ongoing collaboration proves they are a reliable partner when scaling your brand.“

Mille Skafsgaard

Ferm Living

E-Commerce Operation Manager

“To us, a project is first and foremost a success, if everyone involved learned and grew from the experience. We worked with Signifly to recreate our brand and visual identity and it was a big success. Signifly is as passionate about creating true impact with their customers as we are with ours, working with Signifly means you as a customer is seen, heard, and challenged resulting in an awesome outcome”

Mette Reppien



“Thank you to the Signifly team for getting our amazing new website launched in record time. I am nothing short of impressed by how you managed to execute it. A very big undertaking and limited time on your hands. It is already being noticed and people internally are already very proud of our new “Window” to the world.”

Anne Ekern

Rystad Energy


“First, work with them. There’s huge value there. They have such a huge breadth of expertise, as well as a huge network, so they can handle whatever your next steps are. Their consulting fees may seem high at first, but they’re definitely not. You’ll get way more than you expect for your money.”

Dr. Tom Larder

Popin Parcel


“What Signifly made in two weeks, at the level they did it, would have taken a freelancer half a year. By far the most expensive agency we have ever hired, but worth every penny.”

Constantin Jørgensen



“The brand that Signifly created has helped us achieve everything we hoped for and more. It’s created an obvious increase in brand recall and general usage of brand guidelines. When we talk to people they often comment on the quality of our brand and identity. Even recruitment has become easier. People know who we are and understand our vision”

Henrik Fabrin



“Since partnering with Signifly, internal stakeholders haven’t just identified a winning marketing strategy, they’ve also gained digital marketing expertise through the team’s insights. A well-organized, professional, and impactful team, they make excellent partners.”

Eric Dahan

Capital Garment Co.

VP of Sales

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Signifly on our PIM system and new websites. Signifly has made a great effort to familiarize himself with our needs and situation so that we could build a PIM system that is tailored to us as best as possible. In the preparation of our new websites for Stelton and RIG-TIG, Signifly has understood and fulfilled our special wishes for design and functionality and has been a fantastic sparring partner throughout the process. We are happy with the result of a fruitful collaboration, which has meant that today we have the best conditions for continuing to build, optimize and further develop our brands.

Andreas Friese


E-commerce Manager