Signal Mining eBook

By Signifly,

How to prove your digital strategy before making a massive investment. It's all about thinking big, but starting small.

Ah, yes. Digital strategy. What a concept! It sounds so cutting-edge, so colossal, so complex, so expensive.

But here’s what they don’t tell you: it really doesn’t have to be. Digital strategies have become too “Hollywood” for their own good, and have tanked their reputation in the process. Companies put all of their firepower behind gussied-up presentations and fancy gameplans, and spend little time considering whether their glitter bomb of a strategy will actually achieve what it set out to do. They roll out a new business model, a massive campaign, or a new product or service, then spend a bunch of money and hope people will be drawn in like moths to a flame.

If that sounds financially risky to you, you’re already starting to think like a Signifly-er. We’re here to brush the confetti and buzzwords aside, and explain how nailing your digital strategy is simply a matter of doing things in the right order. That might sound painfully obvious, but it’s high time that we go back to basics.

The approach is all about proving the effectiveness of your digital strategy before you invest significant funds. Thinking big, but starting small. Laying a proper foundation before investing the big bucks. That way, you’ll be able to hit your targets smarter, faster, and more effectively than ever before.

So what is Signal mining?

Signal mining is a way for businesses to test the viability of a digital strategy by collecting data through experimentation. These tests can be used to identify the ideal target audience for an ad campaign, the most attractive value proposition for a product or service, and so on. We’re going to show you exactly how to collect these pearls of wisdom without punching your wallet in the face. Got it?

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