Build What’s Next with Klavs Hjort

By Hans Thiesen,
Senior Digital Business Consultant

Read our interview with Klavs Hjort who is the leading figure in Danske Growth and knows a thing or two about innovating the corporate space.

Shaping the future is one of the things we at Signifly are passionate about — which is why we are both proud and grateful to get a little insight into the minds of some of the prominent leaders already managing to make the future tangible.

About Klaus: Klavs Hjort is SVP in Danske Bank Growth & Impact, advising start-ups and scale-ups about how they can best realize their potential.

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Q: What is the biggest myth around innovation?

A: That innovation is a goal in itself. Corporate innovation is about building a business. Not about inventing something new. The work doesn’t stop at the prototype. It doesn't even stop at a product. If it is to be financially sustainable, you have to think beyond that. You have to move a level up and understand how what you do creates value. Not just for the customer but for the business. It is, after all, the business you are in that ultimately pays your salary.

Read the full interview (in Danish) here .