How are you different from other agencies?

Digital First
We are a new breed of agency that think digital in all we do. It is simply how we have always seen the world.

Prototypes over powerpoints
We get stuff done. We deliver actual useful products that end up in the hands of real people. Not just slides, plans, and empty promises.

Technology made human
We start with the user experience and work our way back to the technology.  We focus on solving problems for humans and then leverage technology to do that in innovative ways.

Capacity of an agency. Speed of a start-up.
While most see us as an agency, we've never felt the agency-way of doing things was fit for digital work, so we allow ourselves to be heavily influenced by the start-up ways of carrying out work and moving swiftly. We gladly preach those insights to our clients.

How do I know you can solve my problem or have experience in my category?

Cross-industry is a good thing
When it comes to solving digital challenges the category that you are in matters less and less these days. We often see patterns across industries and we've solved the same problems again and again, making us able to understand your audience, business and situation quickly. For us it is a strenght that we’re able to borrow innovative solutions from one category and apply them to the next.

Young, but experienced
We have been in business in the digital industry since the early days of web 2.0 and the AppStore (yup imagine a life without the iPhone. Crazy world back then). We have seen our fair share of trends and technologies and have solved such a diverse range of digital problems that we cover a large span of industries. Retail, Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, Banking, Finance, Energy, Utilities, Travel, Hospitality, Fmgc, Health, Life science, Public sector, Non-profit, Tech, SaaS, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Industrial, Consulting, B2B, B2C, D2C.

What is a typical investment? 
What are your rates?

The typical investment
Your investment will always depend on the complexity of the project. What you want to accomplice and what needs to be done will decide what you need to invest to get it right.

The lion's share of our projects begin with an initial investment in the range of $20.000-$100.000. But we don't have a fixed minimum number and we're always willing to entertain a good digital challenge, and scope the project to the budget you have.

See our rates
We are able to do blended rates and our more experienced people cost more than our young talents. We like transparency so you can see our current rates right here on the site.

To discuss your project and see if there’s a fit, contact us.

What makes a successful client?

  • Wants to make a change
  • Facing a business challenge
  • Ambitious and cherish innovative thinking
  • Prepared to put in the effort
  • Doesn't tell us how to do the work
  • Decision-makers are engaged
  • Respectful, honest and responsive
  • Is positive and pragmatic
  • Provides fair timelines
  • Accepts our fees
  • Understands the value of a strong brand and a good user experience

Is everything you’ve done in your portfolio?

No, we have done +500 digital projects over the past 12 years. What we show in our portfolio is a curated collection. We try to post case-studies as as often as possible but we don't always have the time. If you would like to see more of the work we have done in your industry we are happy to provide you with more examples.

Do you say no to clients?

Yes we do. We say no to any company associated with tobacco, gambling or lobbying. We like to see that our work has a positive impact on the world, and sometimes it is just too much of a stretch, even with good intentions.

Can we invite you for a pitch?

Yes, you can. We prefer to work directly with our clients but accept the fact that our industry has a legacy of pitting agencies against each other to win over the clients' hearts and minds. 🤪

How about public tenders?

We have extensive experience helping game changers in the public sector. Drivers license, health security card - the list goes on.

Can you work alongside other agencies?

Of course! We have no problem bunking up with other talented agencies that might already be experts in one area of your business.

I’m a start-up and we are working with a small budget. Can I work with you?

Yes. We can almost accommedate any budget and provide value in limited time. We have great experience working with start-ups and know that you have be mindful of how you spend those early coins on.

If your start-up is pre-revenue and self-funded and with minimal budget we can recommend one of the following:

1:1 Session with one of our founders.
We've seen a lot of stuff with 12 years in the digital industry. We'd love to give a piece of advise to push you in the right direction.

Pitch-deck feedback
Send us your deck and get our take on it. We've created hundreds of decks for start-ups and help secure some big bucks over the years.

Bring your team in for a facilitated workshop around a topic that you could need some guidance on.

Do you trade services for equity?

Yes. We have an Venture-part to the agency. It is another way to collaborate with us that breaks the traditional way of paying for agency-work. We are still experimenting with this model and are open to discuss if it is relevant in your case.

I need something ASAP, can you help?

Well, yes and no. We usually book in projects a couple of months in advance - It helps our planning and makes sure every project is running smoothly. BUT we do have gaps in our calendars from time to time, so in most cases we are able to flex around projects to meet your needs.

Why are you so expensive?

Trying hard to not come across as arrogant here - but we are good at what we do. Clever people with great understanding of design, technology and business doesn't grow on trees these days. Our track-record in this business is good and our people are a sought after ressource.

Our rates are based on our salaries and usually the value we generate for clients are 10x the initial investment.

What does Signifly mean?

Our dream has always been to do stuff that has significance — that's the 'Signi'-part.
Then, we want to make it look and feel easy — that is the 'Fly'-part.

For a company naming other companies, we could probably have done better, but in 2010, when we came up with the name in our parents' garage it sounded pretty cool. When we one day open our first studio in space it will all make sense.

44 or 40? What’s up with the two offices?

Stuck out in the cold at our Copenhagen office? While we are working on the zip line between our two offices across the street here is a rule of thumb: If you are invited for a meeting at 44 go to the gate close to the new theatre. If your meeting is at 40 that’s above the Delphine restaurant.

It looks like you never actually work but just party, celebrate and chill all the time?

Here’s a secret. Insta-life is an illusion. For outsiders, a work day at Signifly probably looks shockingly boring. Concentrated people, headsets in, staring into the empty void of screens. 99% of our time goes into making digital projects for the clients that trust us with their hard-earned money. However, even tech geeks create better work when they know each other and have fun together. So we value building a strong social culture that makes young talents stick around.

How can I get a job at Signifly?

Once you were the kid that wasn't any good at playing football. Then someone introduced you to a computer. For the lack of better things to do, you managed to master it, and now you can do all sorts of digital magic. At some point you figured that people will actually pay you to do just that. And now you're a Signiflyer.

Maybe you have another story. Whoever you are, we welcome you to show us how your skillset can make digital businesses fly. Our team is a melting pot of capabilities, personalities, nationalities and brainiacitilities. If you also don’t know what that is, then visit our career page or send us your CV.


We’re here for you! If you’ve got a question you’d like us to answer, contact us.