Our secret sauce
Is not a secret


Our approach is based on leading innovation and entrepreneurship experts and refined by our experience with innovation processes and digital projects. We have established a mindset and framework for driving innovation, building digital capabilities and creating new, sustainable business models.

Generating business value Through digital Innovation

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, moving at a high speed, and our approach is all about bringing talented people together to execute fast. Usually this intense approach enables us to blaze our way from idea to product in just 100 days.

Understand the business

We delve deep into the business and work closely with you to truly understand your market, brand and business.

Tools & methods

Research, business analytics, interviews, competitor landscape, market trends

Identify potential

Digital innovation processes require a clear focus. We help identify the areas that offer the greatest opportunity for impact.

Tools & methods

Workshops, innovation processes, prototyping

Experiment & build

Through prototypes and experiments we build the product and market test it to get early insights from real users.

Tools & methods

UX, user interface design, code, implementation, user testing

Scale business

With a proven business case we ready the product for the big stage, building an early audience with strong launch campaigns and engaging content.

Tools & methods

Business case, digital marketing, content creation, launch strategies

Digital innovation made tangible

We bridge the gap between thinking innovation and doing innovation. A digital consultancy that actually knows how to build products.

Innovation Lab Part of our agency focuses on helping business thrive in the realm of digital innovation. We foster innovative processes and instil innovative capabilities in the organizations we work with. We come up with new ideas for disruptive business models, digital products or maybe a digital campaign in close collaboration with our clients.


Helps companies with digital transformation and develops new digital businessmodels

Digital Product Studio The other part of Signifly is made up of designers and developers who work closely with clients to create world-class digital products and experiences. The ability to rapidly produce and test digital products allows us not only to speak innovation, but more importantly, to DO innovation.


Builds and launches award-winning digital products and services

Our way of working

Unusually collaborative

Here's the thing: we can’t do it on our own. To succeed we need the involvement, knowledge and passion that our clients bring. That’s why we always insist on extremely close collaboration and go out of our way to make sure you are just as involved as we are.

Strategic session

We strive to understand your business as thoroughly as possible. In a strategic session, we discuss digital strategies and products, and help you understand and unleash the digital potential of your business.

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