Reminding the younger generation that there’s a day tomorrow

To boost sales of 7-Eleven's craveable late-night snacks, we wanted to remind the younger generation that the best cure for a hangover might just be a cheesy slice before bed. Once a party picks up, the errands and chores of the next day tend to fade away, and without a post-party panini, you might find yourself less fresh in the morning. "Remember there's a day tomorrow" captured these epic "you should have been there" moments and sent out a warning call to all our weekend warriors.

The campaign ran in the middle of the night to target partiers, who each received some late-night Instagram story swipes that reminded them, there’s a day tomorrow.

Summer 2021
Key focus:
Playing on the FOMO feeling, we created a photo series of moments that you could wish, you’d been a part of.

Instagram double swipe posts