Helping people suffering from migraine

It is estimated that 10-15% of the world's population suffers from migraines. Most of the current treatment methods are either ineffective or require large amounts of drugs. The team at Rehaler have set out to change this. After 3 years in development by leading scientists, in 2019 Rehaler was finally ready to launch the world's first drug-free migraine treatment. Using a breathing device together with an monitoring app patients can alter the Oxygen-level in the brain and stop attacks before they turn servere. We helped Rehaler launch their product on a global scale. We did the naming, visual identity, app design, and launch materials that made a splash and got awarded for its design.

Strategic lead:
Patrick Rønning
Key focus:
Branding an innovative product
Early exploration of visual directions
Through a naming process we landed on the name Rehaler
Packaging Design
The Rehaler tech
Clean, pure and minimalistic webdesign
Design of the monitoring app that should be used while under treatment
Treatment flow
The app was desiged in a dark version to ease the pain for light sensitive migraines
The Rehaler in use
Display packaging
Design guide
The project won a Danish Design Award in 2019