New website for PrimaGaz highlights the many possibilites with LPG.


Primagaz delivers some of the most innovative energy solutions and is a market leader in LPG and Biogas. The previous website wasn’t fit for a market leading company. The site was not responsive, the visuals were outdated and the content was not focused on the customers.


Together with the team at Primagaz we crafted a navigation that was easier to scan, but still full of detailed information for a wide variety of customers. We changed the site to cater for the end-users and made all general information easily accesibble for new potential clients. Besides the new navigation, structure and communication on the site we also developed a modern visual concept and a full responsive web platform, with a CMS-system for all three markets in Scandinavia.


The new website was succesfully launched in Scandinavia, with applaud from internal and external key stakeholders. After launch there has been a measurable improvement in user engagement via mobile devices and increased traffic to salesoriented subpages. The online user experience is now as modern and forward-looking as the energy solutions Primagaz supplies.




New website


__  Digital identity
__  User experience design
__  Webdesign
__  Development
__  Icons
__  Copywriting

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