A fail-fast approach to quickly test strategy and target group.

Petshape came to us with a product. Healthy supplements for your pet. The rest was still to be discovered. We researched the possibilites and created three directions in terms of communication, strategy and visual identity and tracked what performed the best with the target group. That way Petshape was able to roll out their product with the best starting point as possible.

Partnership lead:
Healthy supplement for pets
Key focus:
Fast and thorough get-to-marked approach
Petshape logotype with paws
Petshape badges for casts and dogs
Packaging design for Cats and Dogs
Packaging design for Dogs
Product page for the Petshape webshop
Packaging design for Cats
Webshop for Petshape
Collection page for Petshape
Mobile version of the Petshape webshop