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MY01 makes digitally connected medical devices that are used to diagnose acute compartment syndrome. With timely sensing and the delivery of actionable data, doctors are able to limit the risk of late and missed ACS diagnosis. We partnered with MY01 to redesign their web presence. Structuring their content to be more easily digestible was key - especially due to the technical nature of their product. As the finishing touch, we refined their copy and graphics to create a professional online experience. The startup's devices have been made commercially available: a huge step forward for diagnosing acute compartment syndrome and one we were proud to stand behind.

Strategic lead:
Ziad Soliman
July - August 2020
Key focus:
Web Design
Mockup of mobile view
Various visuals of mobile view
Additional mockup of mobile view
Example of copy delivered
Example of graphics and copy
Mockup of website
Mockup of website design