Experience the prison from outside the walls

Together with Kriminalforsorgen, we created the first Virtual Reality experience inside the walls of two of the most secure prisons in Denmark.

We wanted to give the Danish population a glimpse of everyday life as well as tell what the job as a prison guard entails.

In an immersive 360° experience the viewer could explore different parts of the prisons and listen to real stories from real guards while standing in the middle of it. The VR Experience was integrated inside an event truck designed to drive around Denmark. Once inside the truck, the visitors could experience multiple aspects of Krminalforsorgen. A prison cell was installed inside the truck alongside an interactive scenario game, info boards, and several prison guards to answer questions and recruit potential colleagues.

Key focus:
Recruitment campaign

Prison on wheels

An interactive experience driving around Denmark

All around Denmark

Over 50.000 guests visisted the truck

VR 360° Experience

A virtual tour around two of Denmarks most secure prisons.

Explore Vestre Fængsel in 360° VR
Explore Storstrøm Fængsel in 360° VR
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