Artisanal, authentic, aesthetic design

KOLEKTO has no shortage of creativity. The two founders combined their expertise in architecture and graphic design to produce sustainable toys and home decor with a playful, thoughtful edge. When it came to digital marketing and scaling their business, we then wanted to leverage their existing value propositions and give them the tools to streamline their e-commerce flow, identify effective target markets and messages, boost sales, and ultimately free up their time to focus on the creative process.

Our solution rolled out in two different projects: 1. New e-commerce flow to optimize their customization process 2. Signal mining experiments to identify their strongest audience segments and messages

Partnership lead:
Søren Schrøder and Mads Lindum
April 2020
Key focus:
marketing channel optimization, e-commerce flow

Personalized and optimized

Updated e-commerce flow both empowered customers to add personalized additions to their purchases and cut manual labor by KOLEKTO

Data-first strategy

Signal mining experiments challenged their own assumptions and provided a guide for future strategy

Driving down cost-per-click

Running several small experiments helped drive down CPC for their marketing campaigns, with the winning campaign costing just $0.41 per click

Signal mining: spend less, convert more

Signal mining is a data driven process, where we use small experiments to test our assumptions and build a bullet-proof strategy.

We identified three main value propositions and three different target audiences. By utilizing a matrix and running several small experiments, we were able to zoom in on the messages and audiences that converted best. The result: a clear and unbiased winning combo that could be integrated into KOLEKTO's marketing strategy.

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Signal mining advertisements