Branding the building blocks of cyber security

While thoughts of cyber-attacks might call to mind large scale cyber breaches, it's actually small and medium enterprises that are most at risk, and who often lack the manpower and expertise to address these threats. Every year, SMEs increasingly fall victim to cybercrime, which leads to high costs, complex challenges, and compromised systems.

ITU's new course on cyber security aimed specifically at SMEs addresses this underserved area. It takes into account the unique limits that face these businesses, and arms them with the tools and knowledge to prevent attacks and navigate the complex issue. For Signifly, our goal was then to brand and position the course as well as provide the solid building blocks for developing on it in the future. Through a process of naming, designing their visual identity, developing their website, and delivering the UI kits and course frameworks, we built the foundation for Sikker: Cyber.

Strategic lead:
Søren Schrøder
March 2020
Key focus:
visual identity, brand positioning, web design

From the ground up

New name, tagline, and visual identity helped establish the purpose and positioning of the new cyber security course

One week turnaround

Project was quickly and efficiently delivered in a week

Refined digital presence

A landing page and website was designed for user-friendly, easy navigation

Original pattern design
Logo design
Business card mockup
Brand guide
Login page
Web design
Sikker : Cyber banners
Facebook layout
Iphone cover mockup
Book mockup
ID card mockup