Digital brandupdate for data wizards

Intellishore bridge the gap between the complex and unapproachable world of data and anyltics, with the human aspect of understanding and empathy. They're geniuses at what they do, but what they do can be pretty hard to understand. We sought out to update their digital pressence and making the communication behind their offering more tangible and accessible. All while staying true to their company culture of young smart people wanting to do things their own way.

Partnership lead:
Signe Harring Hansen
Key focus:
Signe Harring Hansen
Frontpage. No fuss or clutter. Straight to their offerings.
Offering page displaying what Intellishore can help you with
Full case page
Mobile mockup of the frontpage
Extract of some of the modular blocks which the site is build arround
Minimalistic abstract icons for their services
Short extract from the digital styleguide
Just a dope mockup
We wanted to present the people behind Intellishore and establish a personal connection.
With one of the overall goals being to generate leads, we added a global all-seeing Call-To-Action button