Scan, split, pay.

Have a ticket or bill that needs to be paid, but it doesn’t fit your budget? Danish app company EatMyBill allows you to split your ticket into an installment plan that can be paid how and when you prefer. We joined forces with them to redesign their brand from the ground up - think visual identity, website, and app design - all within a week and a half. (Yes, you read that right.) A testament to the true power of design, we leveraged the features their platforms were already using, but elevated them into a more humanized and cohesive brand focused on user experience. The result was a modern and friendly interface that was both functional and intuitive.

Creative lead:
Alexander Spliid
Spring 2020
Key focus:
app design, web design, visual brand identity

3 in 1

App design, website design, visual brand identity

Lightning Speed

Project was completed within a week and a half

Sky high ratings

5 star reviews on the app store

Business card mockup
Logo design
Logo color designs
Phone case mockup
Banner design mockups
Instagram visuals
App design mockup
Visualization of app
Visualization of activities feature
Activities feature view
Create payment feature
Mockup of iPad version
Mockup of website's front page
Mockup of web design