No history without people and no history of Denmark without the population


We are all part of the history of Denmark. What we do today is history tomorrow. "You are a part of the history" is the name of DR’s new approach, which gives the population the opportunity to share their own story through personal photos and short anecdotes that are put into greater historical perspective - but how are you transforming a personal experience in to a relevant and living part of the history of Denmark?


Along with DR, we developed a responsive web application that brings Danish history to life. With their own personal photos and anecdotes, the Danes can easily upload their own experiences. The personal photos serve as a fundamental element throughout the solution across desktop and mobile, which increases the attention and interest. The user can simply filter in historical perspective based on theme, location and year and get a historical point-of-view from the Danes themselves.


With a user-friendly and exploratory application, we've made the history of Denmark come alive and made it easily accessible to the general public and non-history buff Danes. The solution provides the user with a reflection on our common everyday life and its movement stimulates the desire to learn more about the history of Denmark. The application was launched in March 2017 as part of a larger effort across TV, radio and social media and the technology is now being used in other departments of DR.




Web application brings Denmark’s history to life


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