We've got you covered.

When the convenience store 7-Eleven first arrived in Norway in the 1980s, it made a big splash, offering a global perspective to the local convenience store market. However, over time, the chain, owned by Reitangruppen, found an increasing need to differentiate itself from the crowded space and regain the spark that initially drove people to their doors.

We helped the convenience store chain carve out their positioning, develop their new look and communication style, and launch several concepts with their 7-Eleven offerings of coffee, pizza, and frozen yogurt. The close collaboration with 7-Eleven led to an impressive overhaul of their stores, and 7-Eleven's brand has been invigorated with new, fun energy that speaks to what convenience means today.

Strategic lead:
Hedvig Aanesen and Mads Lindum
Creative lead:
Martin Balle
2020 - present
Key focus:

Upgraded for today's needs

From creating playlists for the physical stores to completely redesigning the colors and tone of voice, the new stores deliver a full experience.

An ongoing conversation

The collaboration between Signifly and 7-Eleven continues to spawn new ways to offer convenience to 7-Eleven's customers.

Fun, Adventure, Energy, & Freedom

Inspired by the global 7-Eleven brand, their new positioning injects these 4 values into everything from campaigns to concepts.

Brand video

What does convenience mean today?

Before, convenience was a luxury. For customers today, it's a commodity. Necessary and expected. To extract the most from the convenience, 7-Eleven's promise "We've got you covered." expands to new offerings and better deals – whether you're on the road or in the city.

Fun, Adventure, Energy, and Freedom

The new look and communication challenges the traditional convenience store messaging, delivering content that speaks to a younger generation. It's a fresh perspective that doesn't mind finding joy and humor in the everyday moments.