Building bridges between people and technology

Tore and Signifly joined forces back in 2016. As technical lead, he ensures that our development projects run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

He does all this while assisting our clients and advising them on technology and its possibilities. Being a former developer himself he is the ideal link between tech and people, and has a way of communicating the complex world of tech in a language everybody understands.

Bike mechanic turned developer turned technical project manager. Holding degrees in multimedia design and web development from KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, he front-ended at various companies like Unisport and Rosendahls before joining Signifly – while running his own website business and doing graphic work for small companies.

Tore was the technical project manager on such prominent projects as Mads Nørgaard's Shopify solution, a webshop and B2B platform for Karmameju, and a PIM system for Cane-line.