Providing an alternative perspective

Nikolaj is an institution at Signifly, being one of the first hires back in 2011. His visual versatility has enabled him to help our clients communicate with photography, video, animation, motion, design, branding and the list goes on. With an insatiable curiosity and the aesthetic eye of a designer, Nikolaj doesn't believe in boundries or limitation. Give him some coffee and internet access. He'll figure it out.

Self-taught photographer and full fledged Videonerd, Nikolaj later earned his bachelors in Visual Communication with his master thesis i Photographic Communication. But in reality it's probably his perfectionistic nature and work ethics, that have taught him the most over the years. Because no matter the project there's no half-assing it with Nikolaj. It's gotta be perfect.

Nikolaj swung the camera and wacom pen on projects like the recruitment video for Politiskolen, GlædDigTilGymnasiumet and Begyndelsen.