Building businesses bit by bit

Morten joined Signifly in 2017 as a back-end developer. Since then, he's headed our large-scale project focusing on data structure and algorithms, API development and integrating ERP systems, and has also built our PIM system, hooking it up to our multi-shop solutions in Shopify.

Self-taught and self-driven, Morten, previously ran his own software development house, Foreno, before doing a stint at Sofakompagniet and then ultimately becoming Signifly’s back-end backbone. As with any world-class backend developer, you know they've done a great job when their hand in the process is invisible. Their solutions just work. But Morten insists on being front and centre with our clients, advising them throughout the project.

Morten leads the development and architecture of projects like Maersk Container Sales, our own system multi-use administration framework Travy and the ERP integration of many of our Shopify solutions, including our project for Mads Nørgaard.