Scoping dynamic digital solutions

Christian joined Signifly in February 2021 as a Junior Consultant in our Copenhagen office. Christian’s experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and technology well out-rank most of his peers, and his ambitions have taken him around the globe – including a stint in London, where he worked at a Venture Capital. Before Signifly, Christian also took a go at entrepreneurship, founding and then selling an accounting business, and his enthusiasm for finance continues to be a source of inspiration for his approach to optimization and the customer experience.

Today, he still hasn’t slowed his pace. Alongside earning a BSc in International Business from CBS, Christian helps Signifly create strategic proposals, develop concrete communication products, and execute exciting, ambitious digital solutions. His experiences have given him a solid foundation in innovation and strategy, which he uses to enrich our ambitious, global clientele.

When he’s not in the office, Christian is also an avid traveler with a strong curiosity for learning new languages. While he already has Danish, English, and Spanish checked off – he’s looking to add a new language to his repertoire.