Making the brand a matter of business

Alexander is partner at Signifly and visual cornerstone in our trio of founders. Being the Head of design, Alexander is a versatile as they come. Having the ability to always think the big picture in terms of design, brand and business. This enables him to constantly push the limits of how visual communication can influence behaviour and build strong and honest brands.

Initially self-taught, Alexander later leveled up with a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication from DMJX. But he started his design career way before that, freelancing at the tender age of 16. Taking on every project he could get his hands on and slowly making a name for himself in the industry, before he, Michael and Patrick started Signifly.

You can find Alexanders fingerprints on every single project, but notably the work done on the Visual Identity for Viking, Universe Trofæjagt and the national rebranding of YX.