The leading Shopify agency in Scandinavia

Signifly is a digital agency with an international focus and based in Copenhagen. We are the only Shopify Plus Expert in the nordics, and we are specialized in the design and development of bespoke ecommerce solutions.

Area of expertise

We develop digital user experiences for ambitious companies. We develop websites, ecommerce solutions, apps, utilities and digital content in close collaboration with our clients. Our professional skill set, strategic approach and high level of business understanding makes us an attractive digital partner.

We work with ambitious brands


High-end brands

It is crucial that the brand’s unique communication and sense shines through all touch points. Our inhouse brand experts work to ensure that the brand achieves its full potential online. From home page to order confirmation, social media and campaigns.

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Enterprise solutions

We solve complex digital challenges for our ambitious enterprise customers, and our development team works with the latest technologies and customized integrations. Strategic advisory and strong technical capabilities ensure robust and scalable solutions.

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Ambitious start-ups

We help ambitious startups develop digital solutions. We provide strategic advice and work in close colaboration with our clients. Our designers and developers ensures that we deliver on promise and achieve the desired results.

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We have been creating cutting edge Shopify-solutions since 2010 working with ambitious start-ups and global brands.

Everything you need to run a professional ecommerce universe

100% Custom design

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and within the last year the number of ecommerce orders placed from mobile and tablet devices increased significantly. We are a leading agency in responsive web design, and tackle each project with a mobile-first approach. It is crucial for us that the user gets the best possible experience when shopping online.


With Shopify it's possible to integrate your ecommerce solution with existing IT platforms, including ERP, CRM, accounting systems and other software. We can ensure seamless and integrated solutions, with a combination of tailor made technology and Shopify's API.


Shopify offers easy access to dashboards and reports, through the most well laid out back-end on the market. Data insight is indispensable in the process of optimizing the user experience and your sales. Shopify also integrates with Google Analytics among other tools.


By choosing the Shopify platform and teaming up with us, you double up on security and support. Shopify's highly scalable SaaS platform ensures 99.99% uptime and a high speed user experience worldwide. With in-house developers, we provide quick and efficient support. In addition to Shopify’s own support team.


Picking a new enterprise ecommerce platform is a big decision. With Shopify it will be an easy and safe choice. Our team ensure that your transition to Shopify is smooth, fast and painless. Shopify is a Software-as-a-Service and their fully-hosted platform means you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, and an ecommerce solution that can handle whatever you throw at it.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution which allows you to set up an online store and start selling your goods online. Basic tasks such as adding and removing products do not require any knowledge of web development, but if you do need help customizing your shops design, we are happy to help.

Can I move my existing shop to shopify?

Yes, Shopify has some built in tools to effortlessly sync your products from Magento and eBay. Editing categories and design does, however, require a little more work. We are highly experienced in migrating existing online shops to Shopify. Let‘s have a chat how we may help.

Can I use Shopify with DHL, GLS, Post Nord, Post Danmark or other carriers?

Yes, Shopify can be used with all major freight companies, you simply have to specify your carrier and shipping rates. However, if you require automated shipping label printing, you may need to install additional plugins. For more complex requirements, it can be most efficient to build a custom plugin using the Shopify API. In either case we can help you.

Can I have multiple languages in my Shopify theme?

Not by default. However, there are plugins available which will enable you to support multiple languages and currencies. It should be noted that by choosing this solution your checkout page will only have one language.

Does Shopify work with my accounting system?

This depends on whether there is a standard plugin available for your accounting system, if no such plugin exists, we can look into making a custom plugin.

Is Shopify designed to work well on mobile devices?

Shopify‘s back end works well across all devices, however, not all templates and designs are built for mobile browsers, we can help you updating your existing design to support mobile devices.

Do I need to update Shopify from time to time?

Shopify is a Software-as-a-Service solution, which means that your ecommerce solution will always be up to date with the latest version.

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